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Automatic Subscription


Automatic Subscription

Ray's Recommendation:

“With personalized progression plan and highly adaptable scheduling and billing, this is the best option for busy learners needing the most effective option to fit into their busy lives.”


“Raymond is a great teacher and linguist. He’s very kind, patient, and very friendly too. His teaching method is dynamic and interesting, unlike other teachers I had before. His multi-lanquage skills are very helpful and effective.”

Renata F.

“Raymond is an expert linquist and bent over backwards to accommodate my schedule and
request for a unique, short-term and intensive training block. Highly recommend him: his knowledge of languages is unmatched.”

Christine L.

“Ray is a professional and one of the best educators I have encountered. His teaching style is extremely effective and his sense of humor makes everything super fun! I highly recommend him!”

Deon S.

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